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The Rotary Gravity Level Filler has various advantages: 

  • Bottles are placed onto the in-feed conveyor.
  • The bottles are fed into the in-feed star-wheel.
  • The bottles then enter the rinsing turret where they are orientated upside down (if Rinser is opted for)
  • A high-pressure jet of water is injected into the bottle to rinse the bottle internally.
  • The bottle is then passed to the filling turret where they are filled using a level filling system.
  • Once the bottles are filled they are passed to the capper turret via an intermediate star-wheel.
  • The capping turret collects a cap from the cap pick and place system.
  • The capping heads come onto the bottle tightening the cap onto the bottle.
  • The bottles are placed onto the exit conveyor by the exit star-wheel
  • Excellent for high speed applications.
  • Complete automatic solution in mono-block design.
  • Neck handling systems require no change parts.
  • Low maintenance design.
  • Small machine foot print.
  • Hygienic.


Our Rotary Gravity Level Filler has the following specs:

  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction, with fully welded and polished deck, creating a hygienic and easily cleanable deck surface. Deck is equipped with a gutter system which contains any product spillage and wash -downs, ensuring cleanliness of the machine work area. Deck has a radius shape to ensure any spillages run towards the gutters.
  • 316L Stainless steel used in product path.
  • Header tank with electronic automatic level control. Header tank is fully adjustable to set filling height. Equipped with two pneumatic actuator valves, one used for the product inlet, the second used for CIP. CIP line runs to a rotary spray ball for superior cleaning capabilities. Optional Header tank adjustment done electronically via touch screen panel.
  • Integrated CIP wash / rinse system.
  • Level filling nozzle system using food grade silicone bellows, easy and affordable to maintain and keep clean. Stainless steel components manufactured from 316 grade, and welds polished to meet highest hygiene standards. Mechanical nozzles with Teflon seals available for chemical applications.
  • Fully adjustable capping turret. Capping turret operates on a pick and place system. Control sensors ensure a “no bottle no cap”.
  • Capper turret adjusted electronically via HMI touch screen.
  • Fully adjustable magnetic clutches for final torque on the cap. Magnetic clutch system ensures a smooth operation of torquing the cap to the bottle. Adjustment allows the final required torque to be set.
  • Passive chuck with spring loaded gripping tips or mechanically actuated chucks, to collect the cap, while ensuring the cap is collected from the pick & place system, perfectly straight and without damage.
  • Cap ejection pins installed into the spindles. This is a fail-safe system to eject any caps from the chuck should the cap not be applied for any reason. This ensures that the chuck is always free of any caps before collecting caps from the pick and place area.
  • Final drive via high powered motor and gearbox, and oil filled nylon gearing system, ensuring a smooth, quiet vibration free operation of machine turrets.
  • Delta PLC controlled.
  • Delta HMI touch screen, all settings adjustable via the touch screen. Recipe function with 10 Recipes for easy change over. On -screen active help function.
  • Line control sensors to ensure machine auto starts/stops when exit conveyor is full, no caps in the cap chute and no product in the tank scenarios.


Capabilities of the machinery depends on options selected, container styles / sizes and level of machinery automation.

Tigre Solutions Rotary Gravity Level Filling Models

Tigre Solutions Rotary Gravity Level Filling Variations

Tigre Solutions Rotary Gravity Level Filling Variations


  • Fixed Point Adjustment Nozzle Rack

With the option of:

  • Partial Pneumatic Dive
  • Full electronic ball screw dive system
  • Polycarb Guarding (if applicable)

With the option of:

  • Electronic Safety Interlock Switches
  • CIP Trough
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