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We offer a full pressure system.

Advantages of the Gear Pump Filling Machine:

  • Volumes are achieved via gear pumps
  • No barrels or piston seals.
  • No linear piston pump maintenance issues.
  • Extremely easy to clean and change over product.
  • Very little maintenance.
  • Easy to CIP, and with pressure in the line.
  • No issues with priming the barrels due to air etc.
  • Extremely flexible and accurate.
  • Volumes adjusted in pulses
  • Smaller machine footprint.


Our Gear Pump Filling Machine has the following specs:

  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Header tank with electronic level control.
  • Product inlet with control valve, including a potential free contact.
  • Delta PLC and HMI controlled.
  • Superior, high efficiency stainless steel or aluminium gear pumps.
  • Recipe function for different bottles.
  • Individually motorized gear-pump.
  • Volume adjustable on each nozzle individually.
  • Non drip or dive nozzles.


Capabilities of the machinery depends on options selected, container styles / sizes and level of machinery automation.

Tigre Solutions Gear Pump Filling Variations

Tigre Solutions Gear Pump Filling Capabilities


  • Fixed Point Adjustment Nozzle Rack

With the option of:

  • Partial Pneumatic Dive
  • Full electronic ball screw dive system
  • Polycarb Guarding (if applicable)

With the option of:

  • Electronic Safety Interlock Switches
  • CIP Trough
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